Samsung Dryer Repair

Let me say it is unusual to have to blog about specific types of repair but time and time again i am hearing people showing regret about purchasing a dryer that technicians are refusing to work on, usual i hear “do you work on Samsung dryers?” or i have called other companies whom sent me to you.

Im going to put this straight, i like Samsung and their LG cousins, yes they may need service a little more often, heating elements, idlers and belts, pulleys and such do seem to wear out a tad quicker but they are replaceable at a reasonable flat rate, at the time of this we offer a $200 flat rate repair on most everyday Samsung dryer repair in out local areas, thats Viera, Melbourne, Rockledge, Cocoa. Cocoa Beach, Satellite beach and so on.

Dont throw away a fritzy Samsung or LG without talking to me first, usually these very simple dryers need very simple little fixes, the control boards on Samsung are robust and have a very low failure rate.

Being laundry appliance specialists usually means we fix your machine in one visit and often the same day, you will never see me having to look up a video on YOU Tube or call another tech for answers on how to fix a Samsung or any laundry appliance, i honestly think i forgot  more than the newer guys will ever learn.

Call me first or call me last,


Samsung dryer repair

Samsung Dryer Repair