Samsung Laundry Appliance Repair

Hi folks, so over the last year we seem to have become the unwitting experts on Samsung Laundry.

Let me share the most common issues we encounter with these units.

First the heater element seems to be our most common heat related repair, the element is the same as the old Maytag Neptune units and it is available everywhere, just avoid buying the real cheap ones.
Second is the belt tensioner idler wheel, if you hear a squeal or rumbling it is usually the idler but just as common is the back right roller seizing
Third is the high limit thermostat, we encountered a few units this year that just kept blowing thermostats, very frustrating.
We had a bit of a problem with some of the 3 wire heater models not heating even though all components seemed to be intact and functioning within normal specifications.

No surprises with the front load washers,

Not draining is usually the pump but also noticed a couple of control board faults where no voltage to pump on some cyles.
Washer door locks and strike was very common this year, newer models have an updated door lock which means you can no longer use the very common GE-WHIRPOOL DUET type lock on the new Samsungs.

A few tub and bearing failures, most tub failures from unbalanced loads, cushions and pillows.

We are mostly avoiding working on the Samsung top loaders, most units still seem to be under recall.

Samsung Laundry Appliance Repair