Front loading washers, best practice and advice

Despite what the salesman tells you be aware that front loading washers require another level of care when using, the salesman will tell you a front loader can wash just about anything but the reality is different.

Heres some tips and advice from myself.

1, Never washer cushions or pillows in any front loader.
2, Never put tennis shoes/sneakers in a front loader.
3,If you have to wash comforters make sure the comforter fits inside with room to spare, if the comforter is rubbing up on the door glass you will likely end up destroying the rubber door gasket, i advise against filling the drum completely, better to fill the drum no more than 2 thirds, leave room for the clothes to move around.
4, Keep soap to a minimum, i recommend around 2 tablespoons of soap, remember these machines are low water useage, oversoaping can cause lots of problems.
5, Same with liquid softener, personally i hate this stuff, i think 99% of the reported issues with bad smells and mildew comes from over soaping and liquid softener.
6,If your washer has a basket filter then clean it every month, many front loaders have a small door located on the front/bottom of the machine, inside is a basket filter, make sure the machine is empty before removing the basket filter, have a towel handy to mop up any mess.
7, The most common repair jobs on front load washers relates to the pump, lots of items get caught up in the pump and stop the machine from draining, i suggest using a laundry bag for smaller items, childrens socks and such, often i will also find underwire from a ladys bra, to help prevent this use a laundry bag or select a slower spin cycle for bras.
8, Use plain white vinegar to clean your front load washer, once a month a cold wash with a cup of vinegar will clean the machine and help keep odours away.
9, If possible leave the door ajar between us, ensuring airflow in the drum will also help keep away and mildew.
10, Final tip, when buying a new front loader make sure you extend he warranty beyond the usual 1 year offered. If you are considering buying a used front loader then buyer beware, check the machine, run it with laundry, never take anyones word that it is a good unit without a thorough check.

Here are some common issues with front loaders and our usual repair cost.

NOT DRAINING/PUMP REPLACEMENT- Most units we can do for $150.00 including the pump.
DOOR LOCK ERRORS,Most door locks can be replaced for $135.00 including the part.
DOOR GASKETS, expect to pay around $200 including parts.
WATER VALVES, not filling, FE,F20, errors, $69,00 plus the valve.

These are the most common everyday issues we encounter with front load washers, of course there are other issues such a wash drum failures, noisy bearings, computer glitches which need more in-depth evaluation, prices vary and often a front loader needing major repairs can often be beyond economical repair in that it is often wiser to just replace rather than repair an older machine.

Steven Emerson

Front loading washers, best practice and advice